The Day of the Dead, Guatemala โ€“ 2 November 2015

// Part 7 of 8//

This celebration takes place the day after All Saints Day, and like the previous one, itโ€™s celebrated throughout Guatemala ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡น.

From far away, as we drove downhill toward Sunil, we could notice the bustling activities taking place in the village. Hands laden with candles and flowers, entire families headed to the local cemetery. A few kites, held tight, were aiming to the sky amidst the electricity wires. How to describe the atmosphere?



The graveyard was metamorphosed into the Chelsea Flower Show, barely leaving a bare footpath. Wearing their traditional outfits, โ€œguests of the deceased for the dayโ€- men, women and children – came to be reunited with their cherished relatives. Wishing to spend quality time with them, they made themselves comfortable around their burial vaults and indulged in food and drinks.




Some families have planned the outing with a punch and brought along musicians, living it up in certain areas of the garden of remembrance.



Obviously, the strongest family ties Iโ€™ve ever many people miss opportunities to get together with their families while here we get to witness visceral bonds transcending death itself. These families, these people strive to have at least an annual meal among their departed ones while in the very same time, in a different place, some people are willingly skipping a celebration with their living family…

Different people, different mindsets…different values, different priorities….





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