You Have a Memory on That Day


// Part 2 of 7 //

During our “US, Caribbean cruise & Mexico” trip, every time I checked my Facebook account, I was taken back to our last US trip due to the frequent “on that day” notifications. Here we are again, a year later, pulled to the other side of the world as if by a magnet.

However, nothing is the same… different destinations to discover and no Facebook posts: last year some of my friends  requested to follow my trip on Facebook so I was keen to oblige and actually relished my established routine.. I usually wake up early, much earlier than the hubby, so I’d have my coffee, check my WhatsApp and Facebook messages and dutifully send the mandatory replies. It was a slow and peaceful way to start the day…My friends felt they were with us and were happy about it, the hubby felt my friends were with us and he wasn’t happy about it !! He jokingly complained “throughout the whole trip I’ve been feeling that it was me, you and your friends”.

Did I miss this whole routine? Not really…I thought I’d miss the excitement felt with each post and comments but strangely though I’m not.. however I’ll definitely miss having Facebook chronicled memories of our latest adventure!!!

US, Caribbean Cruise & Mexico 26 April – 14 May 2018 
Saint Kitts – 1stMay 2018
Saint Kitts – 1stMay 2018
Saint Kitts – 1stMay 2018
Saint Kitts – 1stMay 2018
Sint Maarten – 2 May 2018
Saint Martin – 2 May 2018 
Saint Martin – 2 May 2018 
San Juan Purto Rico – 3 May 2018
San Juan Purto Rico – 3 May 2018
Labadee Haiti – 4 May 2018

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