Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde Sans The Evil Streak …a Woman of Many Contradictions

My sister once said to me, you are like Lebanon, the country of contradictions…

You are a devout practicer and a party animal… you endeavor to perform your 5 daily prayers and more, the beautiful voice of one specific muezzin makes you stop everything to listen to his beautiful call for prayer, but again certain songs can pull you to the dance floor with shameless abandon…

Your friends? Social butterflies and literati. You are equally pleased in the company of the younger in their 30s as well as the older with experience in their 80s.

What else? I love a good workout as much as I love farniente. I enjoy living in the fast lane, enjoy the adrenaline that helps me cope with a hectic lifestyle but equally enjoy a relaxing morning just catching up on the world or reading a catching book, staying home and not having any planned outings…

In the morning, I look forward to the peace and quiet of the late evening and the rituals preceding the “engine switch off” while at night I look forward to the morning “waking up process” and its routine – a warm shower and coffee in the garden listening to the chirping birds.

These contradictions must be explained by the following: my yin and yang DNA is probably the “joint account “of 2 extremely different ancestors.

Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I enjoy the luxury of 5* hotels as much as I enjoyed the overnight homestay in Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca in Peru , the shared sleeping accommodation – we were 12 – of a traditional wooden boat during a Mekong cruise in Vietnam, the rudimentary comfort of a yurt in Uzbekistan, as well as camping in Bhutan under torrential rain  i.e. muddy terrain.

Anyone like me?




Four Seasons Hotel Anahita, Mauritius –3/6 December 2014



Le Negresco Hotel Nice, France – 14 June 2014 


Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur, India –15 February 1998


Riads, Morocco – 6/14 April 2016

Les Jardins de Shehrazad Fès 7/8 April         Riad Nashira Marrakech 10/12 April


Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort, Inlay Lake Myanmar – 10/11 February 2005


Beach bungalow Hotel Vanille, Manakara Madagascar – 8 May 2009


Local’s casa, Amantani Island Peru – 22 October 2011


Wooden boat, Mekong Vietnam – 22/24 February 2003


Yurt Campsite, Nurata Uzbekistan – 8 May 2008



Campsites between Paro and Thimphu, Bhutan – 8/11 October 2016

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