Taku Glacier

Taku Glacier, a tidewater glacier largely within the Tongrass National Forest, is the deepest and thickest alpine temperate glacier known in the world – 1,477 m (4,845 feet) thick and 58 km (36 m) long



And we had the best salmon ever at Taku Lodge. It’s caught in the Taku River and is truly worth the trip:

⁃ Abu Dhabi-Los Angeles ( 16-hour flight )

⁃ Los Angeles-Seattle (around 3-hour flight )

⁃ Seattle-Juneau (two nights cruise)

⁃ Juneau- Taku Lodge seaplane Β (50 minutes)

With these complicated logistics I know I’m not going to enjoy this feast again in the near future and my only consolation is that I don’t need to satisfy any pregnancy cravings

I got the recipe online but I’m certain it wouldn’t taste the same without the beautiful scenery and atmosphere


Taku Glacier Lodge





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