The Butchard Gardens



Stop and Smell the roses


The peace and serenity found in Japanese gardens transcend the distant archipelago ⛩


A “secret garden” with its own demure charm


No, I’m not flashing my ring, just adjusting my sunglasses while trying to retrieve my breath lost at point during the pleasant stroll around these magical gardens.


This is the rebellious noo!-I-don’t-want- to-leave pose…However, the hubby’s “I’m sure you are going to love it there” lured me outside these enchanting gardens..

Any guess where to ?

We Are a Rainbow, Not One Colour

All the roads lead to Rome

Only one suits you More

It’s your road to happiness

And that’s no one’s business


When you long for a different track

Follow your heart and don’t look back

When you choose a different way

Beware of listening to the sceptic “ney”


Your route may differ from another

We are a rainbow, not one color

Ignore whoever questions your progress

He woud absolutely make you regress


Choose your journey, and forget the other

Follow your dreams and never bother

Don’t shy away from a different trail

The busy lane? Definitely bail!


Leave the herd and pick your road

Keep the interference on

mute mode

Your road’s the one people disdain

They always do and still complain


Stay away from the boring shallow

Who stick to you like a shadow

You don’t need someone to follow

Be yourself, don’t be hollow