Take Me Back In Time

She-“Take me back in time“

He-“OK love; let’s take the White Pass & Yukon train

Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush despite harsh weather and challenging topography, this marvel of engineering transports its current passengers:

⁃ geographically: across magnificent panoramas, domineering mountains and deep gorges

⁃ historically: the narrative behind its construction will convey the difficulties faced by thousands of railroad construction workers and later by thousands of gold rushers some of them doctors, lawyers..

“Give me enough snoose, and I’ll build you a railroad to hell” – Mike Henry, Railroad Builder.

Sure he did! A man of his word, he delivered a railroad to hell for the stampeders who left everything behind in the eternal quest for riches.

However, 121 years later it is now a railroad to heaven for legions of starry-eyed tourists in awe with Mother Nature

She-“I don’t want to go back in time, no more“

He-“Say a grace for living in the right century“