Technically It’s The First Time

Throwback to  July 2017

Technically it is the first time..yes, my eldest grandson is 3 years and 8 months now but during the two ” Mr.  & Mrs.’s only ” post-parenthood trip his mommy and daddy have planned, my dear hubby has taken care of the offspring solo as I was away on both occasions…When 17 months Aboudi’s parents went to California, I was on a prescheduled trip to Japan playing geisha dress up with a few girls friends.

A year and a half later, same scenario: when 3 years old Aboudi and 9 months Sama’s Mommy and Daddy took off to NYC, the teta was in Bhutan doing the Druk Path Trek…

The least I can say is that the abuelo was up to the responsibilities with a relish and a rare merit…During the first trip, he used to come home early in order to accompany Aboudi to the nearby park and petting zoo..

During the second one, he took baby Sama to the pediatrician because her mom was worried after one of the daily WhatsApps with the nanny….the redness around her mouth ? Hand, foot and mouth disease!!

So yes, technically it’s the first time I’m going to practice the loving role of the teta -babysitting -the -grandkids but how can I compete with “a man with experience “?! Yes, while I was busy typing this in my room, Aboudi was sleeping soundly in my husband’s….

Dressing up

Dressing like the locals gives you a feel of the place, whether for:

-a photoshoot: India, China, Peru and Japan

-modeling the outfit for your travel companions: Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Guatemala

-going out for dinner: Cambodia

-dressing up as an empress for dinner in a “palace turned restaurant”: Vietnam,

Or for the whole stay: Iran.

7F20F976-E068-4F14-AFD2-80A61A436855Udaipur, India – 16 February 1998



Beijing 31 August 2011   China   25 Cheng Du April 2012



Lake Titicaca, Peru – 21 October 2011



Kyoto, Japan – 2 April 2015



Sri Lanka – 24 February 2004



Uzbekistan –7 May 2007



Guatemala – 30 October 2015



Siem Reap, Cambodia – 26 February 2003



Hue, Vietnam – 16 March 2001


Shiraz 28, Isaphan 30 Apr 2003 Iran Kangavar 9 May 2001         


Come On Baby Light My Fire

Rincon de la Vieja -1,916m. It has 9 craters and a large number of fumaroles and hot springs on its slopes. The name means “The Old Woman’s Corner”, a reference to a local legend about a girl whose lover was thrown into the crater by her father. She became a recluse living on the mountain, and was credited with powers of healing Costa Rica – 18 March 2018,

 Arenal -1,670m. This conic volcano has a crater 140 m in diameter. We made it in time for the sunset Costa Rica – 15 March 2018

Kilauea1,247m.We were lucky it was active. The hotel concierge advised us to take our chances and head there instead of calling the monitoring center to inquire about the volcano’s activity because that may be misleading as by the time we reach there the eruption might be over. Later on, we followed some other tourists’ recommendation and biked, then hiked in a pitch-black night to observe the incandescent lava flowing into the ocean Hawaï, Big Island – 24 April 2017

Haleakala crater- 3045m. This massive shield volcano forms more than 75% of the island. Another volcano forms the western 25%., Maui, Hawaï – 20 April 2017
Lake Atitlan’s famous trio San Pedro’s-3,020m-, Atitlan-3,535m-, & Toliman -3,158m. Guatemala31 October 2015
Agua 3,760m. This almost perfect cone is covered with a thick vegetation like many other volcanoes in Guatemala. On the right side, the volcano Fuego (3,763) is constantly spewing small ash clouds- last major eruption was in 1974. Antigua, Guatemala – 29 October 2015  
Mount Fuji 3,776m. This iconic conic snow-topped volcano is the highest mountain in Japan, and a World Heritage site since 2013. Majestic, despite the works beneath Honshu, Japan – 28 March 2015
2010, Indonesia, Bali, Mount Batur – 1,717m- is an active Volcano. We left the hotel at 3:00 am; after around a 2 hours hike we reached the caldera and along with another friend, I resumed the last leg up to the peak- another half hour. From our promontory we watched silently the sunrise bringing life to the still life around us.
Mount Eden-196m. This dormant volcanic cone overlooks Auckland and offers one of the best views of the city Auckland, New Zealand – 8 April 2008,

Mount Teide – 3,718m. According to hubby, the honeymoon turned out to be more like a boot camp…day tours and night shows: barely few hours’ sleep Tenerife, Canary Islands – 16 July 1985