Swimming with Danger


// Part 5 of 7 //

As opposed to my previous swimming with sharks’ experience, the newest adventure was less adrenaline charged.

The first encounter 8 years ago was absolutely unplanned, and definitely wasn’t included in the Great Barrier Reef diving package ‼️

We were told that we might spot turtles, but never warned about the possibility of getting cozy with the dreaded white tip shark!

β€œYou were lucky!” smiled the guy on the boat once he learned about the incident… And I’ll always wonder what he meant by that…Is it because sharks were uncommon in this area or because we made it back unharmed?

I genuinely regret that I didn’t dwell on his β€œlucky” back then and inquired further about its real meaning. In fact, I was breathless which is quite normal given the circumstances… the adrenaline rush had helped me rush back to the boat and achieve a speed record. My only concern at that moment was to regulate my heartbeat, which had gone wild, my heart suddenly a war drum beating a mad rhythm. Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen Mexico – 10 May 2018