When the chef holds a knife at your throat

Continuing with the Turkish carne, and throwing it back to March 2016 in Dubai, here is a photo with #Nusret AKA #SaltBae holding a πŸ”ͺ to my throat. Honestly, he doesn’t need to as the yummy πŸ₯© is too good to resist πŸ˜‹

However, this photo brings back childhood nightmares : eating, especially eating fruits which I abhorred. Just kidding πŸ™ˆmy dear mom never held a knife to my throat even though I can ascertain she would’ve loved to on many occasions, and definitely when she realized that the pediatrician’s advice was fruitless..he had told her ” let her be hungry and ask for food β€œ ! Which I didn’t, for a full day until she collapsed with helpless tears of frustration.

22 years later I was confronted with the same nightmare from another perspective though… with my son ..karma I guess, or rather DNA? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€