A Day at the Louvre – Abu Dhabi, with the kids

In the beginning, Aboudi quite enjoyed playing tourist, taking pictures of Leonardo’s La Ferronnière,

admiring “leaf because no briefs” Apollo , the Belvedere Apollo ,

and stroking the head of a marble statue after getting (naughty) teta’s permission for “ touching “ . Honestly, I thought his question was intended for another part of her anatomy  but apparently he was too prudish to act on the obvious object of his fascination. Luckily, the mama was away and didn’t notice the security guard who warned him afterwards “ not to touch”.

However, we soon found out the visit wasn’t quite up to Aboudi’s expectations: when mama told him we were going to see Mr. Bean’s painting AKA Whistler’s Mother (James McNeill Whistler). He built up a hype so strong that nothing interested him anymore throughout our flânerie…he kept on repeating despondently the same litany “when are we going to see Mr. Bean’s painting ?” Once there, the disappointment mirrored in his eyes was explained by the “where’s Mr. Bean ?!” His logical question echoed in the silence of the big hall and triggered a few smiles among the art aficionados who witnessed the endearing legitimate confusion of a four year old boy .

“Let’s sit down and enjoy the ba7er (sea)”. His enthusiastic suggestion once he saw the magnificent sea view that welcomes the visitors on the way to the restaurant reassured us about his aesthetic appreciation’s skills…what’s even better ?


His “can we stay until night time?”  request in the Children’s Museum !!



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