Whale Watching

The whale watching cruise ? Ours could be aptly named “tail watching “ cruise. All the hype and the buildup proved to be mostly for a glimpse of the back and the tail of the gigantic mammal…and of course the water jet.. I assume the passengers’ excitement was ignited by the feeling that the enormous mammal is somewhere swimming around us. ..

It wasn’t like any previous animal watching excursion I’ve been on. The last one, 2 days ago, was a bear safari in Whistler, BC , and we were quite lucky to spot one. The ranger saw him, did a U-turn and the considerate Teddy hadn’t budged, graciously waiting for us.

We looked at him, through the glass of the Land Cruiser, and he returned the favor and then disappeared into the woods. We saw all his body parts and took a photo.

The same with the other safaris in South Africa and Sri Lanka…In the latter the leopard  eluded us during the two excursions, however we didn’t have high expectations from the beginning , it is all a matter of luck…either all of the anatomy or nothing…it’s not like this “tail only” formula !




However we “hit “ it big during the Alaska cruise. It was unplanned, the view unobstructed, and was greatly enjoyed.

Shine Like a Star

Forget the medals

Forget the trophies

Throughout your journey in this trip called life

You’ll always be a champion in someone’s eye

Your parents’ ; unconditionally since you’re born

Your partner’s ; passionately when love knocks the door

The younger fan club ? When your children come on board

So no harm in your pride

Bask in the attention

And shine like a star

A Day at the Louvre – Abu Dhabi, with the kids

In the beginning, Aboudi quite enjoyed playing tourist, taking pictures of Leonardo’s La Ferronnière,

admiring “leaf because no briefs” Apollo , the Belvedere Apollo ,

and stroking the head of a marble statue after getting (naughty) teta’s permission for “ touching “ . Honestly, I thought his question was intended for another part of her anatomy  but apparently he was too prudish to act on the obvious object of his fascination. Luckily, the mama was away and didn’t notice the security guard who warned him afterwards “ not to touch”.

However, we soon found out the visit wasn’t quite up to Aboudi’s expectations: when mama told him we were going to see Mr. Bean’s painting AKA Whistler’s Mother (James McNeill Whistler). He built up a hype so strong that nothing interested him anymore throughout our flânerie…he kept on repeating despondently the same litany “when are we going to see Mr. Bean’s painting ?” Once there, the disappointment mirrored in his eyes was explained by the “where’s Mr. Bean ?!” His logical question echoed in the silence of the big hall and triggered a few smiles among the art aficionados who witnessed the endearing legitimate confusion of a four year old boy .

“Let’s sit down and enjoy the ba7er (sea)”. His enthusiastic suggestion once he saw the magnificent sea view that welcomes the visitors on the way to the restaurant reassured us about his aesthetic appreciation’s skills…what’s even better ?


His “can we stay until night time?”  request in the Children’s Museum !!