The Original Store

As here at the Original Store

There are no tables, nor seats

We’ll grab the cup of joe neat

And head towards the shore




Reaching there with no clue

How long will be the queue

We were spared the long line

Thank God it was after time



The 1912 Pike Place Starbucks store is commonly called the Original Starbucks store.

It has kept its original appearance since 1971 and is now a tourist attraction due to its historic significance.

The Eiffel Tower of Seattle

The Space Needle is the Eiffel Tower of Seattle. This observation tower was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World’s Fair, which drew 2,3 million visitors. Nearly 20,000 people a day used its elevators during the event.






When you’re on the top don’t look down

Ignore the dust and look around

Whale Watching

The whale watching cruise ? Ours could be aptly named “tail watching “ cruise. All the hype and the buildup proved to be mostly for a glimpse of the back and the tail of the gigantic mammal…and of course the water jet.. I assume the passengers’ excitement was ignited by the feeling that the enormous mammal is somewhere swimming around us. ..

It wasn’t like any previous animal watching excursion I’ve been on. The last one, 2 days ago, was a bear safari in Whistler, BC , and we were quite lucky to spot one. The ranger saw him, did a U-turn and the considerate Teddy hadn’t budged, graciously waiting for us.

We looked at him, through the glass of the Land Cruiser, and he returned the favor and then disappeared into the woods. We saw all his body parts and took a photo.

The same with the other safaris in South Africa and Sri Lanka…In the latter the leopard  eluded us during the two excursions, however we didn’t have high expectations from the beginning , it is all a matter of luck…either all of the anatomy or nothing…it’s not like this “tail only” formula !




However we “hit “ it big during the Alaska cruise. It was unplanned, the view unobstructed, and was greatly enjoyed.

Biking is The Solution

If the hubby is not a walking fan

Biking is the solution for your discovery plan




We pedaled on mostly bicycle-dedicated lanes past the Convention Center East, Coal Harbour

Yaletown and along the sea walls towards Stanley Park

On foot, pushing our bikes🚲, we explored the Park’s rainfores’s trails


Later on, we boarded a ferry to reach Granville Island in time for lunch at the Public Market

then resumed our tour along False Creek and the historic neighborhood of Chinatown where we strolled in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden


We had a last stop in downtown Gastown before we ended the tour, feeling grateful for the lovely weather and the knowledgeable guide who made it an awesome trip for us – wealth of information and sense of humour.

Absolutely, the best way to discover this enchanting city’s highlights in five hours.

My Dream and I

”No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big “ Unknown




“Shadows, Strings and Other Things.Over 250 puppets, old and new, from 15 countries are illuminated in MOA’s dramatic new exhibition. These exquisite puppets – sometimes charming, sometimes a little bit scary, and always entertaining- come together and reveal our enduring fascination with storytelling “

Capilano Suspension Bridge

70 meters above Capitano River, a traffic stopping picture on the 140 meters long Capilano Suspension Bridge…well worth it

Originally built in 1889, the park had a few additions over the years:

⁃ In 2004, Treetops Adventures, a walkway 30 meters above the forest floor consisting of seven footbridges suspended between Douglas Fir trees

⁃ Cliff Walk, a walkway sprouting from the granite cliff, is the most recent attraction.

We Are a Rainbow, Not One Colour

All the roads lead to Rome

Only one suits you More

It’s your road to happiness

And that’s no one’s business


When you long for a different track

Follow your heart and don’t look back

When you choose a different way

Beware of listening to the sceptic “ney”


Your route may differ from another

We are a rainbow, not one color

Ignore whoever questions your progress

He woud absolutely make you regress


Choose your journey, and forget the other

Follow your dreams and never bother

Don’t shy away from a different trail

The busy lane? Definitely bail!


Leave the herd and pick your road

Keep the interference on

mute mode

Your road’s the one people disdain

They always do and still complain


Stay away from the boring shallow

Who stick to you like a shadow

You don’t need someone to follow

Be yourself, don’t be hollow

Shine Like a Star

Forget the medals

Forget the trophies

Throughout your journey in this trip called life

You’ll always be a champion in someone’s eye

Your parents’ ; unconditionally since you’re born

Your partner’s ; passionately when love knocks the door

The younger fan club ? When your children come on board

So no harm in your pride

Bask in the attention

And shine like a star

The World Seen From …

Exploring the world from different perspectives, be it:

Riding :

A donkey while in Tenerife, Canary Islands 19 July 1985


An elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand 17 November 2007


A camel in Norita campsite, Uzbekistan – 9 May 2008


Sitting in:

A carriage in Fontainebleau, France – 6 September 1986


A rickshaw in Vietnam – 11 March 2001


An ox cart in Isalo Park, Ranohira, Madagascar- 5 May 2009


Diving underwater in the Maldives – 11 July 2012


Climbing up mountains in Bhutan – 9 October 2016



Rising higher up above in a hot air balloon in Luxor, Egypt – 4 December 2016